The Ice Eater

Protect your assets before the ice sets! Specify the best; specify Ice Eater!

About The Ice Eater

Our flagship product! Ice Eater gave us our start and is still going strong today. Using our patented Venturi design, this deicer has protected docks and boats from ice damage for years. Ice Eater has found its way into other industries, from oyster farming to waterfowl hunting and so much more.

Why Buy Ice Eater?

Key Differentiators

Patented housing design

US Patent No. 4247261

Built in the USA

Stevensville, MD


Water circulating pump

Ice Eater (Full Unit)

The Ice Eater’s propeller draws up warmer subsurface water through our patented Venturi-styled housing and deflects it to the surface.


Dial in the exact feeding tide for your shellfish through every stage of growth.

Parts and Accessories for Ice Eater

View all parts and accessories for the Ice Eater, including aluminum brackets, dock mounts, and propellers.