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About New Aquatics

New Aquatics (formerly, Bearon Aquatics and Power House Inc.) is the manufacturer of the Ice Eater, Olympus Fountains, Weeds Away, & Power House Aeration. New Aquatics offers the most reliable, energy-efficient and user-friendly products on the market. With over 40 years of experience, our products aid in improving water quality to sustain aquatic life, de-icing waterways to protect your dock, boat or shoreline, and beautify your pond or lake.


What Makes Weeds Away Stand Out?





Ice Eater

Our flagship product! Ice Eater gave us our start and is still going strong today. Using our patented Venturi design, this deicer has protected docks and boats from ice damage for years. Ice Eater has found its way into other industries, from oyster farming to waterfowl hunting and so much more.

Why Ice Eater?

We Protect Your Assets With

Patented Venturi Design

Outstanding Performance

  • Highest GPM In The Market


  • Mooring Lines
  • Dock Mount
  • Shallow Water Stand

3 Year Warranty​

Power House Aeration

Surface Aeration gets vital oxygen back into your pond’s ecosystem within minutes of unboxing. Reduce the risk of fish kills with aeration; plus eliminate gases, improve water quality, & boost oxygen levels. Check out our surface aerators and aerating fountains – after all, no one said aeration couldn’t be pretty.

Why Power House Aeration?

We Protect Your Assets With

Improved Water Quality

Fish Kill Prevention

Shallow Or Deep Water Operation​

  • As Shallow As 14”

3 Year Warranty​

Olympus Fountains

Take H2O from how to WOW! These fountains are sure to enhance your aquascape, ranging from a cozy 1/2HP  to an impressive 3Hp; we have a decorative fountain to fit your space. Easy-to-change nozzles give you a new look any time you wish. Be sure to check out our lighting accents to brighten up your nights.

Why Olympus Fountains?

Enhance Your Assets With

From 1/2HP - 3HP

  • Fountains To Fit Your Aquascape

12 Stunning Patterns

  • Quick Change Nozzles

Lighting Accents​

  • Add Now Or Later

3 Year Warranty​

Weeds Away

Are you looking to remove aquatic weeds, muck, silt, and debris from your favorite swimming hole? Look no further: flush out marinas, canals, and fingerlings. Available with a dock mount or shallow water stand.

Why Weeds Away?

We Protect Your Assets With

2 Mounting Options

  • Dock Mount
  • Shallow Water Stand

Directionalized Flow

  • Manual 360 Flow

Superior Power​

  • Highest GPM
  • Energy Efficient

2 Year Warranty​

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