The Vari-Speed

Dial in the exact feeding tide for your shellfish through every stage of growth.

How the Vari-Speed Works

Traditionally, shellfish growers discovered that Ice Eaters suited their needs to create an artificial tide. Using various horsepowers in a Floating Upweller System (FLUPSY) is a great method of working with oysters in every stage of life. Oysters feed off the tide, each filtering up to 50 gallons of water per day. However, many farmers have been trying to figure out how to use just one size unit, instead of switching them out as the season progress. The Vari-Speed solves the problem! Control of the flow of water with just the turn of a knob.

Why Buy the Vari-Speed

  • Control with simple Start/Stop button (includes a run indicator)
  • Load reactor provides protection from motor issues (i.e., jammed propeller, motor failure, etc) and creates clean, constant power
  • Dial for decreased or increased flow allows for simple operator setup
  • Reduces Vari-Speed electrical harmonics back to customer’s electrical system
  • 6′ pigtail plugs directly into a standard 115V GFCI outlet
  • Twist Lock plugs directly into Vari-Speed Ice Eater
  • Works with any 3 phase motor up to 1 horsepower
  • 2-year Warranty

Getting Started With The New Vari-Speed by Bearon Aquatics

The Ice Eater continuously pulls water out of the central trough of the Floating Upweller System, drawing water from each silo, and as a result creating flow through the seedbed providing nutrients to the oysters. The Vari-Speed Axial Flow System allows you to change the speed of the motor, giving you control of the amount of water the Ice Eater circulates.

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Vari-Speed Control Panel


Variable Speed Ice Eater: Model VS1000